Pte T Tunney, Surviving POW Letters and Documents, 1943-45
Stalag 4D Postcard 1944, Pte T Tunney

This section, features all of my father’s surviving POW letters and correspondence from 1943-45 and follows on from the Documents and Letters Section of my 16th DLI website, at which contains his surviving correspondence prior to capture in March 1943.

There is a near-complete run of letters and cards from the Italian POW camps, Camps 66 and 53 in Italy, However, only two letter card have survived from Germany, one of which is illustrated above. Notice on the card the designation of the Bad Schmiedeberg ‘Arbeits Kommando’ work camp W603. Also the POW number assigned to Pte Tunney at Stalag 4b in October 1943, 227987 and the fact that the card was originally printed for Stalag 4D/Z at Annaburg--the D/Z has been crossed out. The British authorities continued to record my father and many of his Stalag 4D colleagues as a Stalag 4D/Z POWs right through to the end of the war. Official records are not always correct!

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Cards and Letters from Camp PG 66 and PG 53, Italy

War Office Documents regarding Pay Allotment to mother, April-May 1943

British Red Cross Letter May 1943, Confirming POW Status

British Red Cross Letter May 1943, Confirming Camp Address

Durham Light Infantry Prisoner of War Fund Letter

1944 War Office Notification of Transfer from Italy to Germany

A Postcard from Stalag 4D

Receipt Issued at POW ‘Reception Centre 106’ England, on May 13th 1945

The Heinkel He 70 Ashtray: a Souvenir of Halle Airfield in May 1945

Wartime Circulars on Red Cross Parcel Contents.