Camp PG 70 Italy, a Second Group Photo

British POWs Camp PG 70 Another Group Photograph



Alwyn ‘Nev’ Chamberlain told me that this Camp PG 70 photograph is of British POWs who were from Leeds. It would have been taken by an Italian and the men could then send copies home via the Red Cross. So, if there is anyone out there who had a relative from Leeds in Camp 70 in 1942-43, the chances are he is on this photograph.

Alwyn is standing sixth from the left, in the back row. The man sitting at fifth from the left in the front row is Captain E Hyman of the Royal Army Medical Corps. Dr Hyman was one of the officers of the 9th Light Field Ambulance and, like Nev, was captured at the Fall of Tobruk in June 1942. His Army Number was 136187 and his German POW Number was 228316, which indicates he passed through Stalag 4B at around about the same time as my father (227987) in October 1943. In early 1945, Captain Hyman is listed as a POW at Stalag 17A at Kaisersteinbruck in Austria. The only other face that Nev could put a name too when he showed me the photo in 2001 was ‘Docherty’, who is second from the left, in the second row from the back.