This photograph was taken at Er Rama, Palestine in 1944. Unfortunately I only have a caption for the officers and CSM George Gates at present, though many faces here have also been placed on the Signal Platoon group photo. Further identifications most welcome.

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Starting with CSM George Gates, at sixth from the left second row, the other identified personnel are: Captain Gordon Harris (Signal Platoon), Lt G Lindley (Intelligence Section), Capt Tom Reynolds MC, Lt Maurice Richardson, Captain H Pritchard (Adjutant, formerly with C Company), Dr H Jones MC, RAMC. As identified in 2007 by his grandaughter Lesley Milne, In the fourth row, third from the right is Joseph Albert ‘Bart’ Philipson who was with the Battalion from the start in July 1940. For more photographs of Bart Philipson, click here.

Photograph courtesy of Gordon Harris.

HQ Company, 16th Battalion Durham Light Infantry, April 1944