Pte T Tunney’s last Surviving Letter from Camp PG 53, 20th August 1943

‘I was very pleased to here about Eddie Lennox, too, it must have been a great relief to his family to hear from him after so long. ....There is a fellow here called Rutherford from Newcastle who was in our battalion, but I haven’t seen him since your letter arrived. How did you get to know his mother? The priest we have here is Father Forster and the one we had at 66 is Father Jackson. It was a surprise to me. to find that badge in my tunic. I didn’t know it was there till I read your letter. There were a few occasions in Africa when I was going to change that tunic for another, but I have it yet. The letters I had were written on the 15th May, 3rd June. Norah’s was May 23rd and they arrived here August 13th, 10th and 12th.......’ The fact that the first letter from home wasn’t until May 15th, fits in with these letters from the British Red Cross and these from the War Office.