The British POWs outside the 'lager,' (dormitory hut) in Bad Schmiedeberg, near Wittenberg, in early 1944. The photograph, which has been enlarged from a very small original, was taken by Frau Preiss, who worked in the town hall preparing the men's 'skilly' ration. Identifications by Pat OíSullivan, Tom Tunney and Alwyn Chamberlain. Caption last updated 6/03/22

Back Row, left to right: called Evans or Davis (Welch Guards?), Cpl J H Sangster RASC, (Army No T/64290, POW No 228189). L/Cpl Jack Kennerley, RASC (Army No 216861, POW No 253171) 9th Light Field Ambulance, captured at Tobruk in June 1942. Held PG 70, Italy. Joe Price (possibly Gnr, RA, Army No 921063, POW No 253433), from Hursthill, Nr Bilston, Staffs. Pte Pat O'Sullivan, 2nd/5th Foresters, (Army No 4809795, POW No 228010) From Scunthorpe. Transferred from 6th Lincs in late 1942) Captured in Tunisia near Bald Hill on 2nd March 1943. Alwyn 'Nev' Chamberlain, RASC, 9th Light Field Ambulance (Army No T/213834, POW No 253201). Captured with friend Alfie Granger at the Fall of Tobruk in June 1942. Held PG 70, Italy. Gdsmn Danny MacRae, Cameron Highlanders, (Army No 2933964, POW No 228001) From Dunoon. Shared Red Cross parcels ('Mucked in') with Tom Tunney in Germany. Pte W P 'Bill' Woolley, 4th Green Howards, (Army No 4752062. POW No 227762). From Welling in Kent. Held PG 70, Italy.

Second Row: L/Cpl F 'Phil' Garbutt, Essex Regt (Army No 6029529, POW No 253172). Originally from Batley, called up from Grays, Essex. Pte Tom Tunney, 16th DLI, (Army No 4469365, POW No 227987), From Thornley Colliery, Co Durham. Captured at Sedjenane, Tunisia, on March 2nd 1943. L/Cpl Phil Carrick, Cheshire Regiment (Army No 4127553, POW No 228144). From Boothstown, near Manchester. Mentioned in Despatches. Gnr Joe Washington, RA (Army No 1139781, POW No 227988). From Warrington. 'Mucked in' with Tom Tunney in Italy. The youngest member of the group. Captured in Tunisia in early March 1943, possibly during the Battle of Sedjenane. L/Cpl R E 'Dickie' Dunster, D Coy, 2nd KRRC, (Army No 6848117, POW No 227977). From Redruth. A former motorcycle patrolman with the Metropolitan Police. Captured in the desert, with the Hon Richard Wood. Elected hut leader by the other POWs for all dealings with German authorities. Ray Smith, possibly Army No 7918352, POW number 228043 (RAC). Possibly a former teacher. Fus Brendan Greene, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (Army Number 6976222, POW Number 28992). From County Cavan, Eire. Listed as Stalag 3A in March 1945. Stayed in the Army after the war. Retired to Cavan. Dvr Benny Lewis, RASC, (Army No 156453, POW No 227953). From Dolgellau, Wales. Captured in the desert. L/Cpl Tony Mitchell, Buffs (Army No 6285225, POW No 227918). The only regular soldier in the group. A Southerner.

Front Row: Dvr George Akers, RAOC (Army No 10551127, POW No 227919). Dvr Alfie Granger, RASC, 9th Light Field Ambulance (Army No 213952, POW No 253198) Captured with friend Alwyn Chamberlain at the Fall of Tobruk in June 1942. Held PG 70, Italy. From Keighley, Yorkshire. Worked as overlooker in local mill prior to Army service, emigrated to New Zealand after the war. Horace 'Georgie' Gent, Army No 4982367, POW 227944, 2nd/5th Foresters From London's East End; a former plasterer, captured Sedjenane 3/3/43. Gnr F A 'Frankie' Rolfe, Royal Artillery, (Army No 917206, POW No 228077), Captured in the desert on 20/6/42 while serving with 67th Medium Regt, RA. From Ipswich. Davey (a Welshman in a Welsh Regiment). Probably Pte I T Davey, Welch Regt (Army No 3973959, POW No 227951). Rfn Johnny Hiley (Rifle Bde) (Army No 6920215, POW No 228044). A Southerner or Cockney. Not on photograph due to illness: Pte E J 'Big Jim' Britton (Welch Regt, Army No 3971690, POW No 227954) A Welshman. Troubled by war wounds throughout his time in Germany.

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The British Prisoners of War in Bad Schmiedeberg 1944