Numbers in the 123700-132000 range seem to have been allocated in early 1944 at Stalag 7A to POWs captured in the fighting in Italy in late 1943 and also to POWs captured in the desert and Tunisia much earlier, who were eventually recaptured by the Germans after several weeks at large after the Italian Armistice of 9/43 and then shipped north to Stalag 7A. Name and address information on POWs held at work camp AK 3732 Munich in the listing below is transcribed from the handwritten fly leaf of a pre-war German guidebook to Munich owned by L/Cpl Edward Sefton, C Coy, 16 DLI, POW No 125744, captured in Italy on 6/12/43. Those details couresy Brian Sefton.
123703 7A Burgess, RSM Charles Henry, 4122314, Cheshire Regt. From Rotherham. Awarded OBE for 'gallant and distinguished service' as POW. LG 1/11/45:

124162 7A Burnett, Sgt A J, 'Jock' 2928362. Cam H. Man of Confidence at workcamp AK 3732 Munich in 1944-45. Pictured in the Ray Anderson book (POW No 125444) Return to Durham, where he is referred to throughout simply as 'Jock'--and also erroneously placed in the Coldstream Guards. A Police Sergeant in Newcastle postwar. See this page for a postwar 1958 photograph with his 16 DLI POW friend Edward Sefton (POW No 125744):

124164 7A Whittingham, Col Sgt A E, 4450725, DLI

124171 7A Rogerson, Cpl (Acting Sgt) John, MM, 4447759. From Barnard Castle, Durham. Awarded Military Medal for actions with 1 DLI. LG 19/8/41:
124172 4F Wilson, Sgt R, 4449901, DLI
124173 4F Hunter, CSM N, 4450145, DLI
124174 7A Davis, Sgt C E, 4450355, N'd F

124177 4F Bolam, CSM P J, 4441227, DLI
124178 7A Webb, Sgt (CQMS) R H, 4450138, 1st Bn DLI. Captured Kos, 9/43. See this external website:

124193 4F Scottow, Sgt G W, 4447795, DLI. Possibly Sunderland Echo, 16/12/43, p 4, misprint of surname: 'Sgt G W Scotten, 10 Blandford St....previously reported missing, now known to be prisoner of war in German hands...'

124499 7A Smith L/Cpl T B G, 3058615, Camns

124508 7A Ballinger, Gnr S H, 868291, RA
124509 7A Aldridge, Pte Alfred Norman N, MM, 4037199, DLI. From Willenhall, Staffs. Awarded Military Medal for actions in the Middle East. LG 24/9/42:
POW PG 54, Italy, 1943.
124510 7A Whittaker, Pte R, 4461616, DLI

124515 7A Barnes, Pte A A, 4981430, Sher F

124554 7A Baguley, L/Cpl G, 7915046, RAC

124562 7A Bealey, Gnr J W, 1505058, RA

124567 7A Beech, Pte T, 4974070, Sher F

124601 7A Scott, Pte G J, 4453376, DLI

124608 7A Smith, L/Cpl G, 4466296, DLI

124614 7A Tinsley, L/Cpl R, 4458355, DLI
124615 7A Swan, Pte J R, 4463985, 16th DLI (KL)

124618 7A Barnes, Pte E, 4463496, 9 DLI. Escaped with POW No 266687 4A Longstaff, Pte William at Italian Armistice and recaptured 12/43. PG 65 in 1943.

124624 7A Tree, Dvr P R, 123860, RASC

124628 7A Steel, Gnr J S, 2082496, RA

124632 7A Trigg, Gnr D J H, 1694950, RA

124641 7A Stratford, Dvr I W, 2585268, R Sigs NEXT PAGE

Circa 123700-137999 DLI POW Numbers
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