This sequence of numbers were assigned to British POWs transported from PG 53 in Italy in September 1943 to Stalag 17A. and 17B in Austria, all apparently going via a three week spell at Stalag 7A. From looking at known 16th DLI Sedjenane POWs who were held at PG 53, it seems that at least one train full of ex-PG 53 British POWs went to Stalag 7A and then, after a few weeks, these POWs were sent to Stalag 11A (see the section with 139000 series numbers). Others, this 153000 series of POWs had a stopover at Stalag 7A, before being sent to Stalag 17A and 17B while several trainloads went direct to Stalag 4B (numbers in the 222000 range and above) from camps PG 82 and PG 53. The list currently has many gaps and I have concentrated on Durham LIght Infatnry POWs, some of whom, of course, will have been captured with other DLI battalions (namely the 1st, 6th, 8th and 9th) in the desert campaign in 1940-43.

153035 17B MacDonald, Sgm D M, 2367884, R Sigs

153050 17B Johnson, Dvr J G, T/808971, RASC

153058 17A Craik, Sgt J B, RASC
153059 Sobell, Gnr J, 1591470, RA

153068 383 Douglas, Sgt John R H 'Jack', 4450985, C Coy, 16 DLI. From Stanley, Co Durham. Previous service with 8 DLI in the retreat to Dunkirk 1940. Captured Sedjenane, Tunisia, 2/3/43. Camp PG 98, Italy and Stalag 17A. Featured on 1942 16 DLI Segeants photograph:
Interviewed by IWM Sound Archive:
See also POWs Moses and English, p 19.
153069 Davies, Pte G B, 3970636, DLI

153076 17A McEwan, L/Cpl J, 7632663, RAOC
153077 17B Corner, Pte J E, 4469471, DLI

153081 383 Smith, Cpl T, 6911790, R Bde
153082 383 Allen, Sgt F, 4463103, Possibly C Coy, 16 DLI captured Sedjenane, 2/3/43.

153089 17A Starkey, Gnr J W, 843447, RA

153096 17B Stimpfig, Dvr H, 10664962, RASC

153112 17B Barlow, Spr J, 2004395, RE

153126 17B Stapleton, Gnr B R, 1515790, RA

153131 17A Cooke, Pte A, 4862836, Leic

153148 17A Rowe, Pte S, 5959104, B & H

153153 17A Chaplain, Sgt H E, 4976169, Sher F

153155 7A Brownlee, L/Cpl Thomas, 4466385. 16 DLI. Enlisted 26/7/40. Of 60 Eldon Place, Newcastle upon Tyne. Captured Sedjenane, Tunisia, 2/3/43. Camp PG 98, Sicily, 18/3/43 to 14/4/43; PG 53 14/4/43 to 9/43; Stalag 7A 9/43 to 11/43; Stalag 17A 11/43 to 21/4/45; workcamp 320 Pitten, Austria, paper mill, 26/11/43 to 31/4/45.
Escapes attempted: 'Yes, escaped from A/320 G W Pitten on 31/4/45 and contacted Russian forces on 1/5/45. My companions Sgt Constable and Cpl Millward also contacted Russian forces.'
Sabotage: 'From 26/11/43 - 31/4/45 whilst at A/320 I several times caused electrical power to fuse, also destroying various tools etc.'

153158 8A Lumsden, Cpl E M, 4387888, Gn How

153169 17A Laurie, Pte T N, 4461350, DLI, exchanged identity with Flt Sgt Lauriston, POW No 24981, RAF.

153179 17A Byrne, L/Cpl Joseph, 4469143, 16th DLI. Enlisted 4 ITC, Brancepeth, 11/41. Bricklayer. Of Muriel St, South Moor, Stanley, Co Durham. Captured Sedjenane, Tunisia, 2/3/43. Camp PG 98 Sicily 18/3/43 to 14/4/43; PG 53 14/4/43 to 9/43. Stalag 7A 9/43 to 11/43; Stalag 17A 11/43 to 30/4/45. Work camp A/320 Pitten, paper mill, 26/11/43 to 30/4/45. Escaped 30/3/45 and reached Russian troops on 1/4/45, with Pte Bexton (POW No 153196), Sapper G Craighead (153249) and Pte W Brett (153207).

153196 17A Bexton, Pte H, 5889818, North'n R.

153207 17A Brett, Pte W F, 4624277, W Yorks
153208 17A London, Pte J, 5439208, DCLI


DLI Consecutive POW Numbers circa 153000-156200
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