16th DLI Other Ranks German-held POWS, Fatal Casualties and Gallantry Award holders arranged consecutively by Army Number. Also included here are most German-held POWs of the other active service DLI Battalions in Army number order. Unfinished.

DLI Other Ranks POWs arranged by consecutive German Stalag POW Number. My catch-all list of known German-held DLI POWs of all battalions. Unfinished, but most DLI POWs now included.

16th DLI Officer POWs, 1943-45.

DLI Officer POWs (all battalions) arranged by surname. Unfinished but most German-held officers now included.

Lists still under construction, last updated 5/2/13.

Introduction, how the above listings have been compiled

The Army Number and German POW numbers listings on the following pages have been compiled mainly from the 1945 War Office Nominal Roll of British Army POWs, which lists by name, rank, regiment or corps, Army Number, German POW Number and early 1945 German camp, the 107,000 British Army POWs held in Germany in 1945. The book was reprinted in 1990, see the Links section of my main site for further details and is the essential starting point for anyone researching a British Army relative’s incarceration in Germany: if the soldier was there in early 1945, his name, rank and number will almost certainly be in this book.

Why Cross-reference POW Numbers and Army Numbers?

Because by closely studying soldiers with adjacent Army and German POW numbers, it is possible to get an idea of exactly who the soldier was with both on the day he enlisted and at the time his German POW number was issued: these men would have been literally in the queue with him on those days.
However, the 1945 POW listing does not include the specific battalion of the DLI POWs it records and this is where the really difficult detective work come in. To this end, the list has been cross-referenced and combined with the eyewitness testimony of the various 16th DLI veterans and their relatives whom I have been in contact with over the years, items and photographs in assorted wartime local newspapers, POW lists in the wartime DLI Newsletter, and information drawn from the various 1945 returned POW questionnaire forms which I am researching at the Public Record Office/National Archives at Kew.

These listings are all works in progress. The space on the right of each page is for the local newspaper items and photographs which I will be adding as time permits. If anyone reading this knows of a 16th DLI name that should be here, please get in touch. Also any photographs, further information and notification of errors and omissions will all be gratefully received.

All the 16 DLI officers, listed were taken POW in Tunisia. The Other Ranks listing is arranged by Army Number (lowest first), NOT alphabetically.

After the soldier’s name the following information is included where known: Army Number, German POW Number and any further details including: where and where captured, the soldier’s specific 16 DLI company, camps held, and home town.


Sgt Bill Greaves 16 DLI POW

The photograph above right, of Major Keith Hillas of B Company, 16 DLI is enlarged from the 1942 officers’ photo. To see the full photo click on the image. Major Hillas with the Battalion from its formation, as first A Company and then B Company CO. He was captured at Sedjenane on 2/3/43. In 1945 he was being held at Oflag 079 at Braunschweig with the German POW number 1426.

Sgt Bill Greaves of B Company, 16 DLI (4465602) was in the initial draft of recruits to the 16th DLI in July 1940 and was also taken POW during the Battle of Sedjenane.. Note that wartime censorship means that his specific battalion is not mentioned in the news item above. To see the 1942 group photograph of B Company, 16 DLI on which he features, click here. Major Keith Hillas also features on this photo. Bill Greaves was imprisoned in Italy and was assigned the German POW number 139189 at Stalag 7A at Moosburg on transfer to Germany in 1943. Progressing via Stalag 11A, in early 1945 he was held at Stalag 357 To see his name in the sequence of DLI Army numbers

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Item courtesy of the Shields Gazette

Major K Hillas, B Coy, 16 DLI, click for full photo