222485 L3 Bradley, F/Sgt V H, 77 Sq RAF
222486 4B Brett, Flt Sgt Percy William, pilot of a 196 Squadron Stirling bomber which ditched off the Danish coast on
24/8/43. All seven survived to become POWs and are included in the listing below The excellent external site Air War
Over Denmark has a full account of the incident:
222487 4B Brister, F/S C W, 77 Sq RAF
222488. 4B Broadhead, W/O B H, RNZAF, 75 Sq RAF
222488 Luft III same number as above, Benson, W/O J F G, 106 Sq RAF
222489 O7B Brown, F/O C F B, RNAF, 7Sq RAF
222490 4B Carr, Flt Sgt T E F, 158 Sq RAF
222491 4B Carter, Sgt C S, 15 Sq RAF
222492 4B Charman, Flt Sgt R W, 427 Sq RCAF

222494 4B Cleary, W/O D D, 35 Sq RAF

222499 4B Crees, Flt Sgt P S, 434 Sq RAF

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