16 DLI Sgts, Informal Group, 1945



This photograph of a group of 16 DLI Sergeants, unfortunately the original is also blurred and of poor quality) was taken in Austria in 1945. John Lewindon MM is seated at the very back on the left. To the right of him is Jack Firth of Bradford. Cess Fell is out on the left, just below the second row trio of Tommy Page of Consett, Co Durham,, Eddie Pearson and Jack Forster. In the front row is Tommy Farley, Company Sergeant Major Maddox and Tom Turnbull.

John Lewindon MM was serving with D Company at this time and Tom Turnbull was transferred to D Company on his promotion to Sergeant, so it is probable that all these men are D Company NCOs. Further information on the soldiers featured most welcome. Written on the back of the original photo: ‘The Bullies of the Company’! Courtesy Tom Turnbull.

A Group of 16 DLI Sergeants, 1945