262021 4A Stoker, Pte R, 4452651, DLI

262024 4D Bowman, Pte F, 4457237, DLI. PG 82 in 1943.
262025 4D Lewis, Pte D J, 4463677, DLI

262027 4C Morton, Pte G F, 4458645, DLI
Yorkshire Post, 7/10/42, p 7: 'Northern Casualties.....Prisoners of war......Pte Frederick George Morton, DLI, Sandbed, woodland, Butterknowle, Bishop Auckland. Previously reported missing.'

262031 4F Gilroy, Pte H, 4468295, DLI
262032 4D Price, Pte T H, 4460895, DLI

262052 4D Hornsby, Pte T H, 4453396, DLI
262053 4F Perry, Pte A, 4460790, DLI

262056 4D McArthur, Pte T, 2987605, DLI
262057 4F Chadwich, Dvr J, T/39666, RASC

262061 4C Corby, L/Cpl S, 4984360, Sher F

262072 4F Ingle, Pte G, 4459789, DLI
262073 4A Woodall, Pte J E, 4452337, DLI

262083 4B Ewens, Pte G, 4456532, DLI

262085 4D Young, Pte R R, 4468240, DLI
262086 4D Young, Pte R, 4458347, DLI

262091 4D Strand, Pte C J, 3608462, Sher F

262094 4D Harrison, Pte W, 4469799, DLI

262104 4F Gee, Pte J, 4459779, DLI

262106 4D Porter, Pte G R, 4460793, DLI

262109 4D Hutton, Pte H C B, 4469549, DLI, enlisted direct to Recruit Company, 16 DLI in 1/42.

262111 4F Harper, Pte J, 4452160, DLI
262112 4D Bradley, Pte J G, 6026854, DLI
262113 4D Cromwell, Pte G H, 6021813, DLI

262122 4F Watson, Pte C R, 4617753, DLI

262128 4A Harris, Pte J F, 4450378, DLI

262136 4B Coley, Pte E J, 4467822, DLI
262137 4D Hailing, Pte Harry C W, 6029134, DLI. From Cheltenham. Enlisted 9/40. Overseas from early 1941 with 1 DLI, seeing service in Middle East, including Tobruk and Syria. Malta from 1/42. Captured 10/43 on Cos, serving with 1 DLI. Liberated by Soviets at Stalag 4B on 23/4/45. News item Cheltenham Chronicle, 9/6/45, p 5.

262152 4F Norman, Pte H H, 4985410, Sher F
Possibly Hartlepool Mail, 1/4/43, p 2: 'Believed to be Prisoner. Private Harry Norman (20), of the Sherwood Foresters, who was yesterday reported missing believed prisoner of war in North Africa, is the second son of Mr and Mrs A E Norman of 64 Stephenson Street, Central Estate, Hartlepool. Mr Norman senior is serving in the Merchant Navy and his eldest son, Private David Norman (19), of the DLI, was killed in the Battle of France and and was buried at St Venant. Mr and Mrs Norman have three younger sons and six daughters.'
Photograph, Hartlepool Mail, 20/4/43, p 2, now confirmed POW in Italian hands.
262153 4C Morley, Pte E, 4470423, DLI, enlisted 4/42

262155 4F Nordstrom, Pte W M, 4453386, DLI
262156 4C Evans, Pte A, 4445277, DLI

262159 4C Taylor, L/Cpl A, 4456352, DLI

262161 4C Jellings, Pte G E, 6029028, DLI
262162 4F Leach, Pte T S, 6029112, DLI

262165 4D Gatenby, Pte S, 4267895, DLI NEXT PAGE

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