269629 357 Bradley, Cpl A A, 6286359, exchanged identity with P/O J D McConnell, RCAF, 12/44.

269644 4B Chapman, Cpl A W, 4458877, captured with R Ir F

269694 4B Adshead, Sgt G, 4460111, captured with R Ir F

269713 4B Atkin, Pte J G, 4452121, DLI
269714 Hiles, Sgt J, 6013940, DLI

269720 4F Thompson, Fus J, 4461116, captured with R Ir Fus

269724 4F Thompson, George B, 1679956, Gnr, RA. Captured on Leros in late 1943, serving with Light AA unit. From Wingate, Co Durham

269909 4F Carr, George Horace, 1539021, 3 Bty, 1 Lt AA, RA. Died in air raid, 14/2/45. Buried Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery.

269974 4B Tomlin, L/Cpl Harold Nelson, 1879842, RE. Took part in Operation Colossus, the first British airborne operation of WW2, with X Troop, 11 SAS, attacking Tragino Aqueduct, Italy, 10/2/41. POW in Italy 1941-43, latterly at Camp PG 78, Sulmona. Escaped at Italian Armistice in 9/43. Subsequently recaptured and sent to Stalag 4B, Germany. POW number assigned at Stalag 4B.
Interviewed by IWM:

269980 4B Conduit, Pte J, 4862102, AAC

270109 4B Cheetham, Cpl J H, 4459961, captured with R Ir F

270354 4A Howarth, Gnr K, 870438, RA

270472 4F Gaines, Pte J W, 4468466, captured with Linc

270601 Theobald, Pte R, 4692866, KOYLI

270644 4D Green, Pte B, 4470113, captured with Linc, originally enlisted DLI, 4/42

The gap between 271000 and 274000 was presumably allocated to other Allied POWs

274044 4F Bone, Pte L J, 6474051, Queens

274046 4B Ball, Fus G, 4460129, captured with R Ir Fus

274062 O79 Barker, Lt C G, 143532, Sher F

274264 4F Bainbridge, Pte T, 3713012, KORR

274297 357 Rogers, Pte Henry J, 4042133 16 DLI. Escaped and eventually recaptured after the POW train he was aboard was bombed by US aircraft of the 320th Bomb Squadron on a bridge at Allerona, near Ovieto, Italy on 28/1/44. Previously held at Camp PG 54. Many POWs died in this incident, including Pte F Lynn, 4460630, of the 9th DLI, who was previously held at Camp PG 82. Pte Lynn is commemorated on the El Alamein Memorial. Extra details from J Dethick and J Tuckwell. See this external site:

274330 4F Winter, Pte N, 4451296, DLI

274339 4C Salt, Dvr J, 11263026, R Sigs

274349 4A Morris, Pte R W, 5734434, RWK

274432 3D Jackson, Pte E, 3713898 KORR

274494 4F Peart, Pte R B, 4460664, DLI

274546 4D Cruickshanks, Pte A, 4461274, DLI. Photograph, Sunderland Echo, 27/7/42: Pte A Cruickshanks (26), DLI, 40 Heaton Road, Hylton Lane Estate, reported to be prisoner of war.'

274556 4B Arrowsmith, Pte H, 4034135, DLI. PG 70 Italy in 1973.

274612 3A Leddy, Fus P J, 6978782, R Ir F

274628 8B Cawthorne, Pte H W, 10601153, Sher F