19689 BAB20 Laughton, Pte W J, 4034214, DLI

19727 20B Bennett, Pte W, 4453622, DLI

19730 20B Searle, Pte F, 4459062, DLI

19735 20A Bryce, Pte C, 4459509, DLI. Features on a POW group photograph published in the Sunderland Echo, 20/5/42, p 5: 'Pte C Bryce, DLI (indicated by cross), of 35 Beechwood Crescent, late of Wellington Street, who is a prisoner of war at Stalag XXA.'

19792 20A Chard, Pte Henry Albert, 5723893, 2nd Bn Dorset Regt. Died 4/4/45. Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery, 10 H 5.

19851 20B Porteous, Pte G, 4459325, DLI

19896 BAB20 Whiteford, Pte J A, 4456260, DLI

19997 20A Booker, Pte James, 5383566, 4th Bn OBLI. Died 10/4/45. Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery, 10 H 8.

20008 20A Jones, Pte H D, 4455816, DLI

20030 383 Bailey, CSM N, 4602853, DLI

20076 20B Dolan, Pte M, 4455348, DLI

20089 BAB20 Cowell, Pte Joseph Robert, 4451455. Died as a POW, 12/4/45. 8 DLI. Son of William and Margaret Harriet Cowell; husband of Ruth Cowell, of Birtley, Co Durham. Durnbach War Cemetery, Coll grave 3, B, 8 - 11.

20112 20A Sloan, Pte J E, 4454343, DLI

20161 Untermassfeld Prison, Keates, Pte P W, 4454220, DLI

20220 344 Green, Gnr John, 1492383, RA. From Warrington. Captured Dunkirk. Mentioned in the book Spectator in Hell.

20239 8A Danby, Pte W, 4453522, DLI

20249 20A Hamilton, Pte T, 4448341, DLI. New item, Yorkshire Evening Post, 16/9/40, p 5:
Reported missing in May, Pte T Hamilton (27), is a prisoner. He is a reservist with seven years service in the regular Army to his credit. In civil life he was employed at Hathorn Davy and Co Ltd; his home is at Queen's Place, Leeds 2.

20253 20A McLaughlin, Pte M, 4268721, DLI

20371 20B Wilson, Pte T J, 4455902, Bk Watch

20380 20A Armstrong, Pte J, 4455510, DLI

20386 357 Paton, Cpl P M, 918030, 4th Bn Bk Watch. Died 19/4/45. Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery, 11 E 7.

20473 20B Nicholls, L/Cpl Harry, VC, 2614910, Grenadier Guards. Awarded Victoria Cross posthumously, but subsequently discovered to be alive and a POW, for actions with 3rd Bn Grenadier Guards on 21/5/40. VC ribbon reputedly presented to him in his POW camp by the German Commandant. London Gazette 31/7/40: 'On the 21st May 1940, Lance Corporal Nicholls was commanding a section in the right-forward platoon of his company when the company was ordered to counter-attack. At the very start of the advance he was wounded in the arm by shrapnel, but continued to lead his section forward; as the company came over a small ridge, the enemy opened heavy machine-gun fire at close range. Lance Corporal Nicholls, realising the danger to the company, immediately seized a Bren gun and dashed forward towards the machine-guns, firing from the hip. He succeeded in silencing first one machine-gun and then two other machine-guns, in spite of being again severely wounded. Lance-Corporal Nicholls then went on up to a higher piece of ground and engaged the German infantry massed behind, causing many casualties, and continuing to fire until he had no more ammunition left. He was wounded at least four times in all, but absolutely refused to give in.
'There is no doubt that his gallant action was instrumental in enabling his company to reach its objective, and in causing the enemy to fall back across the River Scheldt. Lance-Corporal Nicholls is since reported to have been killed in action'
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20501 20B Kirkbride, L/Cpl J, 4446384, N'd F
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