'Just one. A fighter. He went into this lot, you could see him going in. Oh, they were way up and they all seemed to fire
together and it was just like a flash and he disintegrated. They just blew him out of the sky.

'The first jet I ever saw was a German. It just went over where we were in the brickyard, The bloody racket! Didn't know what the hell it was. Oh, it was at the back end of the war, this bloody thing came over and we all said, "What the hell was that?" It was a jet!'

What did you think it was at the time?

'I thought it was a bloody rocket or something! It wasn't very high, maybe a thousand feet or so.'

Were you scared of the bombing?

'I never used to think about it. We were way out in the country. They used to go over the top, but we weren't near any targets or anything, I don't think.'

The postcard above, courtesy of ex-POW Pat O’Sullivan, features a series of pre-war views of Bad Schmiedeberg. The Town Hall, where the men collected their ‘skilly’ ration each day, is at top left.

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A Bad Schmiedeberg Postcard

‘Just Like Sedgefield’: a Pre-war Postcard of Bad Schmiedeberg