Pte Harvey Hurst, 16 DLI, and Friend, 1940-41
Harvey Hurst 1940-41 Portrait Photo 1
Harvey Hurst 1940-41 Portrait Photo 2

Pte Harvey Hurst of Oldham, is featured at left in these two photographs, which would seem to have been taken in 1940-41. Hurst was originally called up into the Manchester Regiment, but from the evidence provided by these photos (note the distinctive DLI cap badge and metal shoulder titles worn his by friend) he seems to have been in 16 DLI from a very early stage. The lack of any divisional signs or any other embellishments is typical of the early war years.

The ‘fore and aft’ service cap was supposed to be worn completely straight on the top of the head by the DLI, but most soldiers preferred this more jaunty angle whenever they could get away with it.

Harvey Hurst was a friend of my father’s in C Company, 16 DLI in mid-1942. Posted to Brancepeth just before the Battalion went abroad in December 1942, he rejoined 16 DLI in North Africa and served through to its disbandment early 1946. Photographs from his later DLI service are also included in this section.

The intriguing two group photographs on the following page are also from early in his Army service.

These are the photographs in the collection:

Group Photo in front of a bus, 1940-41?

Army PT Group, 1940-41?

With C Company Friends, 1943-44

On the 1944 C Company Photograph

Pte Harvey Hurst and unknown 16 DLI Friends, Greece, 1945 Photo 1, with a captured Nazi flag.

With 16 DLI Friends in Greece Photo 2

With 16 DLI Friends in Greece Photo 3