267008 8B Ibbotson, Gnr W, 4539128, RA

267030 4C Holden, Gnr F, RA, exchanged identity with POW Number 222676, Chisholm, Sgt Robert, RAF, Stalag Luft 3.

267074 4D Machin, Cfn A H B, 7592207, REME, possibly with Bad Schmiedeberg POWs O’Sullivan and Carrick crossing the Mulde in April 1945.

267087 4C Baines, Pte R, 14404063, DLI

267101 4B McQuilliam, Gnr W, 790917, 107 Field Regt (South Notts Hussars), RA. Wounded and captured at the Battle of 'Knightsbridge' Libya, 6/6/42. Previously at Camps PG 66 and PG 54. Helped and sheltered by Italian civilians after the Armistice of 9/43. Eventually recaptured and arrived at Stalag 4B circa 2/44. From Seaham, Co Durham. Thanks to Brian Oliver for these extra details. For more information, photographs and documents, click on either of the images at right.

267164 4B Jenkins, V, 1427357, RAF

267284 4A Robinson, L/Cpl G, 4456720, DLI. PG 82, Italy in 1943

267349 4C Livingston, Pte James Henry, 4469258. 16 DLI. Bricklayer, of 59 Redcar Rd, Thornaby on Tees. Captured Sedjenane 28/2/43. Camp 66 Italy. Escaped for three months on Italian capitulation, recaptured and sent to Germany. In 1945 returned POW questionaire, records the address of the Italian farmer who helped him as: Renato Fratasy, Bacca, Pistoia, nr Florence.

267364 4G Loftus, Pte J, 4462483, DLI

267368 4B Horseman, Rifleman Kenneth, 6915329, Rifle Brigade. Captured 29/12/41. Initially held at Tarhuna, Libya. At Camp PG 66 by 26/2/42. See this external site:

267370 4G Shilan, Pte W F, 4462998, DLI

267513 4A Cooke, Fus G, 6978827, R Ir F

267521 4F Brindley, L/Cpl F, 4459836, captured with R Ir F

267524 4D Lumb, Pte S, 4698996, KOYLI

267537 4F 'Gogdell, Pte Thomas' Died in air raid, 14/2/45. Not listed by CWGC. Surname 'Gogdell' a typing error in the Red Cross report?

267625 4G Edwards, Fus F B, 4458884, captured with R Ir F

267635 3A Cloney, L/Cpl J, 3855725, R Ir F

267693 4G Davies, Pte F, 907609, DLI

267714 4F Leach, Fus J C, 4458831, captured with, R Ir F

267725 4C Kirkwood, Fus R E, 4460410, captured with R Ir F

267741 4F Hill, Fus H, 4458950, captured with R Ir F

267774 4A Greaves, Fus W A, 4459920, captured with R Ir F

267825 4G Gardner, Pte J F, 4453345, DLI
267826 4G Ceetham, Fus J, 4458938, captured with R Ir F

267902 4G Entwistle, Fus T, 4460119, captured with R It Fus

267949 4G Bell, Fus J, 4458822, captured with R Ir F

268000 4G Lamb, Pte T, 4469908, DLI

269372 4F Pte J Thompson, 3713397, KORR

269616 4B Botting, CSM Cyril George, 6341288, 2nd Bn RWK. Died 17/4/45. Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery, 10 K 11.


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