All the 16th Battalion DLI POWs captured during the Battle of Sedjenane were handed over to the Italians and held in Italian prison camps through to the Salerno Landings in September 1943, when Italy capitulated and the Germans promptly took over the camps and transferred as many of the POWs as they could find to Germany. This section of the site will document the experiences of 16 DLI men in Italy. Most seemed to have passed through either Camp PG 98 in Sicily or Camp PG 66 at Capua in March 1943 before being sent on to other camps in northern Italy in the course of the year. However, at least four of the men from other regiments my father met in Bad Schmiedeberg in 1944 came there via Camp PG 70 in Italy. Pte William Dawson of the Railway Tavern, Thornley was also held at Camp 70 in 1943. The image below is of camp money isued to my father at Camp 53, Italy in 1943, click the image to enlarge it.

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In the Bag: Prison Ship at Ferryville to Camp 66

Pte Tom Tunney’s Memories of Camps 66 and 53

Pte Tom Tunney Official Correspondence, Letters and Postcards from Camps 53 and 66 in Italy and Stalags 4B and 4D in Germany.

The Italian Armistice and a Cattle Truck to Stalag 4B

A Group Photograph of Camp PG 70 POWs, featuring at least four men who later passed through Stalag 4B to to the Bad Schmiedeberg work camp with my father.

A Group Photograph of POWs from Leeds held at PG 70 in 1942-43, including Alwyn Chamberlain who was later sent to Stalag 4B and Bad Schmiedeberg.

A Group Photograph of Green Howards POWs held at Camp 70 in 1942-43, including Pte William Dawson of the Railway Tavern, Thornley.

A 16 DLI Escaper to Switzerland, Pte Evan Darlington of C Company, 16 DLI and Camp PG 46.

Newspaper Photographs of 16 DLI POWs. (Under Construction)

Known 16 DLI Escapers from the Italian Camps (Under Construction)

16 DLI POW Numbers Index Page


Memories of the Italian POW Camps
Camp 53 Money 2 Lire note